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Step 2 – Adding a kitchen

Kitchen step by step guide

This guide will show you how to add kitchen units and set up a basic 1 sided kitchen.

 First, click the ‘Home’ icon in the top left to show the menu.

Click the home Icon

Click ‘Catalogue’


Click ‘Base Units’ to bring up a list of our base units.

Base Units

You should now see a list of subsections. Next to each subsection will be a down arrow. Clicking this will open up the section to allow you to view the items.

Click the down arrow next to ‘— Base Unit’.

Base unit expand

You should now see two base unit types. Single door and double door. Next to each unit will be the different width sizes (300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm).

In this example, we will add a 600mm wide single door base unit. To do this, click the 600mm button then drag the unit onto your back wall (close to the right wall).

600mmm kitchen base unit

Click the base unit to select it.

Click base unit

Next, you will enter the distance you would like it to be from the right wall. We recommend a minimum of 25mm to 100mm space. The reason for this is because we will add a filler panel as most walls will not run true (straight) and other obstacles will likely be in the way (e.g. a skirting board).

For this guide, enter 50mm.

Unit distance from wall

Next, scroll down and add the right filler panel.

Right Filler panel

Click anywhere on the wall or floor to de-select the unit.

Next, an appliance base unit will be added (e.g. fridge/dishwasher). Scroll down and click the ‘– Appliance’ link.


Scroll down and click the 600mm wide button next to the ‘Appliance door’ item.

Appliance Unit

Then drag the item so that it ‘snaps’ into place to the left of the base unit you just added.

Appliance unit fitted

Click anywhere to de-select the base unit.

Next, scroll down and expand the ‘– Sink base units’ section by clicking the drop down arrow.

Next to the HBU2D unit (hover over a unit to see its model number), click 800mm

Sink unit 800mm

Drag the the sink base unit until it snaps next to your appliance unit.

Sink Unit

Click anywhere to de-select the unit.

Now it’s time to add a base unit with a drawer. Click the ‘– Base unit with drawer’ link and next to the D1S2P Drawer pack, click the 600mm button.

Drawer pack

Then drag the unit so that it snaps next to the sink base unit.

 Drawer pack unit

Again, click anywhere to de-select the unit.

Scroll down to ‘– appliance’ and drag the B600 Oven base unit so that it snaps next to your drawer pack.

oven base unit

With the oven selected, scroll down on the left menu and tick the ‘hob’ switch.

 Oven Hob

This will now open up options to allow you to select the hob type you require.

Hob Select

Once you have clicked the hob that you require, de-select the oven (by clicking on any blank space of floor or wall).

The space that you have left should now be around 1200mm. This is enough space for one 600mm base unit and one 600mm tall housing.

Under the ‘– Base unit with drawer’ section, drag in a 600mm kitchen base unit with drawer as you did earlier.

Drawer pack

base unit with drawers

Click anywhere to de-select the base unit then click the back arrow next to ‘base units’.

Base units back arrow

Click ‘Tall Housings’.

Tall housings

Scroll down to the bottom and drag a 600mm wide TF195T5 tall unit next to the drawer unit in your kitchen.

Tall Housing

Make sure that the unit snaps to the drawer pack and not the wall.

Tall housing space

In the left menu, scroll down and tick the left ‘Filler’ option.

Left filler panel option

As this unit is next to the wall, you need to change the way the doors open. To do this, change the “hinge orientation” from right to left in the menu.

Hinge orientation

Click anywhere to de-select the tall housing unit.

As you added a hob earlier, the next step would be to add an extractor fan. Click the ‘Catalogue’ link in the left menu.


Click ‘Appliances’

Appliances menu

Click ‘Rangehood’ to expand the menu.


Drag the Vent Elica onto the back wall near the oven.

Range hood

Click the Rangehood to select it.

Select range hood

In the left menu, enter the distance in millimeters from the left wall you would like the Rangehood to be and the distance from the floor.

Range hood distance in mm

De-select the Rangehood then click the ‘Home’ button in the top left followed by the ‘Catalogue’ link. You can now add some wall units. Click the ‘Wall Units’ link (if you do not see the wall units, click the back arrow at the top).

Wall units

Click the 720 high tab.

720 high wall units

Click the ‘– wall unit’ link to expand it then click the 500mm wide wall unit button. Drag the kitchen wall unit so it snaps next to the tall housing and is level at the top.

Wall unit on kitchen wall

Click the wall unit to select it and change the Hinge Orientation to the left.

Wall unit hinge orientation

De-select the wall unit then in the left menu, click the 600mm wide wall unit button and drag a new wall unit to the right hand side of the window. Don’t worry about getting the height at the right level as you will enter this manually in the next step.

600mm wall unit

Click the wall unit to select it then enter 1400mm in the height from the ground field.

1400 mm high wall unit

That’s it, you have now created your first kitchen.