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Step 1 – Setting up your room

Step by step guide

This guide will show you how to set up a basic room and enter your room dimensions.

In the top left corner, click the ‘Home’ icon

Click the home Icon

Click the ‘Room’ link.

Room Link

Click the ‘Room Size’ link.

Room Size

Enter your Kitchen’s width, height and depth. Click the back arrow.

Kitchen Size

Click the ‘Doors and windows’ link

Doors and Windows

Click and drag a window onto your wall

Add Kitchen Window

Click the window to highlight it

Click window to highlight it

Enter the width and height of your window. You can either type these in manually or select from pre-filled dropdown sizes.

Windows Size

Enter the distance that the edge of the window is away from the left wall, and the distance it is away from the floor (this can also be reversed, e.g. the distance from the right kitchen wall and the distance from the kitchen ceiling).

Window Distance

Click anywhere in the room to de-select the window. Next, click on a wall and drag the mouse to rotate the room. Do this until the you are facing your right wall.

To add patio doors, left click on the patio doors and drag them onto the wall.

Sliding Doors

Click the doors to select them.

Select patio doors

Enter the width and height of the patio doors as you did with the window earlier.

Patio door sizes

Enter the distance of the doors from either the left or right wall and from the floor or kitchen ceiling.

Patio Door distance

Click anywhere on a wall to de-select the door. Rotate the room to view the left wall (on a windows PC, you left click and drag).

Click on the door icon and drag it onto the wall to place a door.

Kitchen door

Click the kitchen door to select it.

Click Kitchen Door

Enter the width and height of your kitchen door.

Kitchen Door Size

As you did with the windows, enter the distance from the wall (either left or right) that the door is located.

Kitchen Door location

Congratulations, you have now completed the create a room tutorial. We would now suggest following the “step 2 – adding a kitchen guide”.