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How to extend a worktop

How to extend a worktop in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to extend a worktop in the kitchen planner.

 To do this, you first need to load your kitchen plan. Next, click on the unit that has the worktop that you would like to extend. Clicking on the unit will turn it yellow.

Worktop Extend

Once you have done this, the unit stats will appear on the left. Consult the area beneath the unit image. The top two numbers correspond to how far away the unit is from the wall. For example, if you wanted to extend the worktop to reach the wall on the right hand side, you would need to consult the number on the right (see picture below).

Kitchen worktop

Once you know the dimensions that you need, scroll down to the ‘Worktop’ section and enter in the dimensions that will extend the worktop to the wall. Using the example above, you would place the number / measurements in the ‘Right overhang’ box.

Worktop Overhang

You should now be able to see your new extended worktop in the planner.

Extended Worktop