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How to change the worktop

How to change the worktop in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to adapt your worktop style / decor in the kitchen planner.

 To do this, load up your kitchen plan. Next, click on the ‘Home’ icon and then ‘Materials’. After this, click on ‘Cupboards, Worktop’.

Worktop Change

You will now need to load the worktop decor options, to do this click the two arrows.

Worktop Decor

You will now be faced with dozens of options. You can further expand these options by using the arrows / number box in the top right corner.

Worktop Options

You can now select the worktop style that you want by clicking on your preferred worktop.

Kitchen Worktop

You should now be able to see your updated worktop in your kitchen plan.