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How to add an integrated appliance

How to add an integrated appliance in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to add an integrated appliance in the kitchen planner.

 First, click on the ‘Home’ icon and then click on ‘Catalogue’. Next, choose where you will be applying an appliance e.g ‘Base Units’ and click on the appropriate area.Base Unit

Next, click on ‘Appliance’.


 To add an integrated appliance, you will need to choose a door / unit for it to sit within. Choose from the options given and drag it into your kitchen.

Appliance Door

Once your unit has been installed in your kitchen, click on ‘view mode’ by clicking the eye icon on the right hand side.

View Mode Appliance

Now, click on the unit with your appliance in. The door should now open to reveal your appliance.

Kitchen appliance installed