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How to add a wall

Adding a wall to 3DKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to add a wall to the kitchen planner.

 First, click on the ‘Home’ icon then ‘Room’. Next, click on ‘Walls and Columns’.

Walls and Columns

You will be given several options in picture format. Navigate to the wall icon.

Kitchen Wall Icon

Next, click on the wall icon and drag it into place in the kitchen planner.

When you are happy with its position, you can then change its dimensions. You can also edit the positioning of the wall. To change the dimensions and positioning, click on the wall to select it. Once selected, the wall will change to yellow.

Kitchen Wall Selected

The dimensions and positioning can be edited in the section on the left. You can change the width, height and depth of the wall by entering the sizes into the dimension boxes. You can also change the positioning by entering the exact coordinates /measurements that your wall is positioned at in your home. To do this, you change the numbers in the boxes next to the arrows that point away from each other (see screenshot below).

Wall Dimensions

You will see the dimensions and coordinates changing in real time.