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How to add a filler panel

How to add a filler panel in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to add a filler panel in your kitchen planner.

 Click on the kitchen unit that you wish to add the filler panel to. The unit will change yellow once selected and some information on the unit will appear on the left of the screen.

Kitchen Unit

Scroll down on the left hand side until you see the word ‘filler’. Choose whether you want it on the left or right hand side and click on the ‘filler’ check box once you have chosen.

Kitchen Filler

 Once you have selected where you want your filler panel to be placed, it will appear in the kitchen planner.

Kitchen Filler PanelYou may need to adjust the dimensions of your worktop to assure that it fills the gap where the filler panel is. To do this, view how far your unit is away from the wall by looking at the number in the top left box or top right box (depending on unit placement) beneath the ‘base unit’ image and dimensions on the left hand side. You may need to scroll up.

Unit Position

Once you have located the number, scroll down to ‘Worktop’ and in the box ‘left overhang’ or ‘right overhang’ (depending on the placement of your unit), type the number in the correct box.

You should now be able to see that your worktop reaches the wall and covers your filler.