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How to add a door

How to add a door in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to add a door in the Kitchen Planner.

First, click on the ‘Home’ icon then ‘Room’. Next, click on ‘Doors and Windows’.

Doors and Windows

A choice of doors will appear. Navigate to the door that you wish to add.

Door SelectionDrag the door of your choice to the appropriate place in your kitchen.

Kitchen Door

To change the dimensions of the door, click on the door to select it. The door will change to yellow if you have successfully selected it.

Kitchen Door Selected

The dimension options will appear on the left hand side. Change the sizes in the appropriate dimension boxes.

Kitchen door dimensions

You should be able to view the dimension changes in real time.

To make sure that the door is accurately placed in accordance with your own kitchen, you can input measurements that will ensure that the plan is correct. You can input the distance from each side of the door to each wall to make sure that this is the same as your door at home. To do this, navigate to the section with the arrows pointing away from each other (see screenshot below) and change the measurements to the appropriate ones.

Door Co-ordinates