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How to create a kitchen island

How to create a kitchen island in 3dKitchenPlanner

This guide will show you how to turn a base unit into an island in the kitchen planner.

 To do this, load up the base unit that you created earlier. You will need to add a back panel to this to make it into an island.

Next, click on the ‘Home’ icon —-> ‘Catalogue’ —-> ‘Panels’.

After you have done this a selection of panels should appear. Measurements will appear next to the panels. Click on the measurement that corresponds with your base unit.

Panel Size

Once you have selected the correct dimensions, drag the panel on to the back of your base unit.

To do this, drag the panel into the kitchen planner then click on it to select it. It will change to yellow. On the left hand side, there will be a rotate button that will allow you rotate the panel so that it will be added to your base unit in the correct way. Click on this button to rotate the panel.

Rotate Kitchen Panel

Once you have rotated the panel, drag it to the back of your unit to create your island. You can see how this might look below.

Kitchen Island

To finish your island, you will need to create a worktop overhang on both the base unit and the back panel.

First, click on your base unit, to select it (it will turn yellow once selected). Next, scroll down the information / settings on the left hand side until you get to the worktop settings. In the ‘Left Overhang’ and ‘Right Overhang’ fields, enter the appropriate dimensions for the worktop on your island.  Your island should now look similar to the below image.

Island Worktop

Now, select your back panel and repeat the steps above to extend the worktop.

After this, you need to cover the bottom of the base unit with plinths. Click on your base unit to select it. Next, scroll down the settings on the left hand side until you get to the ‘Plinths’ section. You will need to select the box next to both ‘Left Plinth’ and ‘Right Plinth’ to fill the spaces.

Island Plinth

Now your island will be complete.

Complete Kitchen Island